Patriot electric chipper/shredder/vac


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Patriot electric chipper/shredder/vac

I am trying to find a suitable replacement for my Sears Craftsman Leafwhacker Plus ("string trimmer in a can"), which is the same as a unit sold by Garden Supply under a different name.I tried out a unit made by AL-Ko, and have corresponded with someone who has a McCulloch MCS model having the same drawback: I am mainly interested in using it to shred leaves, and as the Al-Ko model has a pretty small entry hole for the leaves, it takes way too long to feed a bag of leaves thru it.
The hopper on the Patriot model is significantly larger, but as I've only viewed it from the outside (thru pictures) I have no idea of the size of the actual hole for feeding in the leaves.Anyone know what it is?
My Sears Craftsman Leafwhacker Plus ("string trimmer in a can") does a far superior job at leaf shredding than the Al-Ko and McCulloch models. The entry hole is a circle 10" in diameter. It will shred them fine, medium, or coarse. It cuts up the numerous pine needles here, whereas they came out whole using the other models.It works quickly. The main reason I am considering replacing it is blow-back. The spinning of the Leafwhacker causes a lot of blow-back and I ache for several days after using it, due to allergic reaction, even tho I am wearing a half-mask respirator and goggles. I've decided that if I can't find a suitable replacement for it, I will just hire some kid to use it for me.
So I would like to know how well the Patriot shreds leaves and pine needles, and how quickly they would feed thru.
Can anyone help?
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cant help on the shredder, but have you tried using IVY block lotion applied before you start shredding? I used to get poison ivy very easily, but I used this last summer and it seems to work. it forms a barrier over the skin to protect against chemicals. It does feel like a "burn" in the sun though so watch your exposure to direct sunlight. Worth a shot, I think its 8 bucks at drugstore. -Josh

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