Setting up a workshop


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Setting up a workshop

I'm looking to set up a little workshop in my basement...more for a hobby type thing...some furniture and such...
Problem is, I haven't touched anything since HS Woodshop 17 years ago...ahem...I mean Industrial Materials...sorry Mr. Toner.

What are the essentials? Table saw, router, disc/belt sander, jig saw...can I build some moderately nice stuff with these basics. I don't see much need for much more when I look around the house at my saw, radial arm saw, lathe...are these overkill for an amateur hobbyist?
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I think you are on the right track. Don't overlook good handtools - good jack plane, cabinet scraper, chisels, drills, screw drivers, true 90 degree square, marking knife, light, hearing protection, dust collection. There have been other posts on this subject. A quick search may turn them up. Some of them have been quite exhaustive.

There seems to be no such thing as tools too good or too many for what you truly want to do.

As many will tell you, settle the issue of a good table saw. This will be the backbone of the shop.

Hope this helps.
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I agree with chfite that the most usefull major purchase would be a table saw.
It would work out well if you didn't load up your shop with tools that you may not use.
Pick some projects you may want to do and purchase the tools for them.

Again there has been lots of discussion around here on the subject. Just scroll through previous posts.
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if youre interested in hand tools check out

lee valley tools

they have good stuff. I dont do any woodwork (outside build a deck or stairs) but if I were going to, they would be a one stop shop. No power tools though. -Josh
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I would have mentioned Lee Valley but was afraid of addicting somone else!
I only recently discovered them in my home city and have to limit myself each time I go there. They have selection that I've never seen before and their catalogue is a must have for a budding woodworker.

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