Cordless drill problems


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Cordless drill problems

I have a Porter Cable 14.4 cordless drill, model # 8720 - it is the model before the newest I believe. It was working great until one of the tabs that stick out of the motor for the electrical hookup to plug onto has broken off right at the motor housing. I can't figure out how to open up the motor housing, and even if I do I am not sure I could fix it without ordering a new tab.

I have always assumed that it would not be that hard to open the motor up, as many power tools allow you to replace the brushes. It looks like the cylinder housing is crimped over the end to hold it closed. Any suggestions?

If I have to send it in I will probably just get a new one, as the batteries for this one are hard to find and extremely expensive, and I have only one good one left.

Thanks in advance for help. Nick
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heres a tip for the bad batteries.

stick them in your freezer for a couple of days. then charge. It suposedly gives them some more life. I dont really believe it myself, but I've heard of lots of people who do this
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The batteries make cordless tools a very short term investment. A drill on sale with two batteries is close to the cost of the replacement battery alone.
This fact brings disposability to the tool arena. Some tools are getting to be like electronics.

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