which framing nailer/roofing nailer?


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which framing nailer/roofing nailer?

My brother and I are each about to build our own houses. Doing mostly everything minus the footer/foundation. Neither of us have nailers and we are definately going to get a couple. From my own research I've found that most people rate Hitatchi as the best of the bunch, Senco as the best bang for your buck, and the Paslodes as most convenient. I found out recently also that Senco came out with a battery type like the paslodes. Could anyone with experience with these nailers please give me a good reccommendation? Looking for a framing and roofing nailer.

One more thing. Our compressors are oiless. I've read that it is better to have an oil-model compressor for pneumatic tools. True?
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senco doesn't make battery powered framing nailers.

and you must have a lot of time on your hands if you are going to build a house with your own bare hands. Have you ever done any framing before?

Good Luck, and have fun. Be sure to stop in and tell us how its going.
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Ok you're right about the senco framing nailer. They only make a battery operated finish nailer.

I hope I have enough time, we shall see. As for framing or any other house building work I've done most of it just not from the ground up. This will definately be a learning experience for me. Luckily we are building my brothers house first......

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