Any experiences with buyign used air tools?

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Any experiences with buyign used air tools?

I have finally decided on what nailer, and compressor I want. Now my question is, should I try to find used tools from an air tool specialty store? or just buy them brand new at home depot.
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oh, and my compressor choice is between the Campbell Hausfeld extreme 3hp twin tank, and the hitachi EC12 (2hp). the CH is 80lbs, and the hitachit is 60lbs

I am wondering if anyone has had any experience lifting these?
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used air tools

I'm one of the cheapest guys around, I'm always looking for good deals, and I'm a manufacturer's rep in the tool business. Having said all that, I seldom see used air tools that aren't "worn out". Occassionally I'll see a yard sale where a guy bought a nailer to do one job, instead of renting and he's selling it, I just bought an almost new compressor and tank that way. But, newer tools are usually lighter and oftentimes cost less new than the equivalent tool did 5 years ago.
A good friend who was a car mechanic for 30 years said once that the first air impact tool he bought cost almost a week's pay (in the early 60s), and the last one he bought cost less than 1/2 day's pay (in the 90s.
If you're in or near a major metropolitan area, check with your tool specialists and contractor supply houses, often times they have MUCH better deals than the big boxes do.

Good luck
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I've had great luck with "factory reconditioned" tools I've purcased from Harbor Freight (Dewalt hammer drill and compound miter saw) and air nailers from a couple of dealers who sell on eBay. The way I figure it, these tools have probably had greater quality control scrutiny than those coming off the assembly line.
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I have been very happy 99% of tools I have got a auctions and garage sales.
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I guess you could say I'm satisfied with the used Snap On Air Rachet I found in the street and fixed with a 40 cent O-ring .

That among other finds has supplemented my tool collection quite nicely.

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