Sharpen a masonry bit


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Sharpen a masonry bit

Can a masonry bit be sharpened? Where can I sharpen it? How much does it usually cost?
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You can sharpen one on a grinding wheel or a diamond wheel. I doubt that a mill file would cut the carbide.

I don't use masonry bits that much. I just replace them when they are dull. The Drill Doctor device advertises that it will sharpen masonry bits.

Hope this helps.
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I will copy this question over to Tool Sharpening where our resident sharpening expert can have a go at it.
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Hello agalkin and Welcome to my Sharpening forum.

I have to assume the bit is the only one you have. If so and it is not sharp, locate sharpening shops will be listed in the phone book. The resharpening cost will be worth the money paid.

The method, steps required and machines needed for general usage bits is provided below.

The correct method is to exactly duplicate the existing angles. To accomplish this requires some time, patients and practice.

Use the side if the grinding wheel. Do not push the bit into the wheel too hard. Doing so can break a grinding wheel.

Flying pieces of the grinding wheel, spinning at high RPM's is dangerous! Wear eye and face protection at all times.

With the grinder turned off and the wheel not rotating, practice holding the bit in your hands with the cutting edge facing the side of the wheel.

One hand should be on the shank for both turning the bit and maintaining the angle. The other hand should be closer to the cutting edge and used for both supporting and maintaining the cutting angle.

Once you have that step practiced, turn the grinder on. With the bits cutting edge facing the side of the wheel, grind off a small amount while rotating the bit in your hand.

Rotate the bit clockwise towards and completely to the back side of the angle and STOP.

When the first cutting edge side has been done with one rotational pass, rotate the bit to the opposite cutting edge and repeat the process.

Check the results after each rotational grinding.

Continue alternating cutting edges and repeating the sharpening process over and over until the bit is sharpened.

The ideal method is to sharpen each side slightly. Doing so allows you time to evaluate the progress. Maintain an equal backwards sloping angle {Relief Angle} behind each cutting edge.

Lightly sharpening each cutting edge and alternating edges also reduces heat build-up on the surface. Bluing of the steel is a result of excessive heat.

Dipping the bit in water helps to cool the warmed steel. Water also acts as a lubricant. Slight amounts of bluing to the surface of the bit can be removed with a wire wheel.

A belt sander can also be used to sharpen bits. The method and process is identical. Use a medium grit belt about 80 or 100 grit.

A belt sander can also be used to sharpen bits. The method and process is identical. Use a medium grit belt about 80 or 100 grit.

Best method for the causual drill bit user, is to buy a non commerical drill bit sharpening device or bit holder assembly used in combination with a standard bench top grinder.

Several types are available for use with bench mounted grinders or motorized sharpening wet stones.

Table top self contained motorized sharpeners are also available. Either would be worth the small price paid to obtain consistently good sharpening results.

Good Luck. Tom_B.
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