Opinion on Bandsaw

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Opinion on Bandsaw

I am looking to purchase a bandsaw but on a limitted budget.
It would mostly be used to cut wood for cabinets and such.

What should I be looking at in way of specifications?

Thanks for the tips,
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In my experience, a bandsaw is a poor choice for cutting out cabinets owing to the lack of cleanly cut edges, severly limited rip and cut off capacity, little if any fence, and too high a work surface.

I think that many would agree that a 14" bandsaw is a good, worthwhile size. Some of the Jet, Grizzly tools have developed quite a good reputation to go with brands such as Delta. I don't have a bandsaw currently, but found it to be a good auxilliary tool when I had one.
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I agree that a band saw would not be my first choice for what you propose to use it for.

Could you be a little more specific?

For example:

I want to resaw lumber to be used for making cabinets.


I want to be able to make cabinets with this saw.
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I said cabinets and such. I meant it would mainly be used to do decrative work. Like chair legs, insets for cabinets, and such.

I need to spend as little money on a bandsaw that will do the work.

I was wanting to know what I should look for. I may not be able to afford a 14" but what could I use and still be able to saw things like chair legs and such.

Thanks for the ideas.
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I never really saw ( ) a need for a bandsaw untill I recently began outfitting my shop for a few upcoming cabinet projects.
I have a Delta 10" bandsaw with no motor or stand that I bought at an auction sale years ago. I decided that it couldn't hurt to have it set up if I ever need it.
Now that I have it I can't believe how handy it is. For even really simple things like shortening a broom handle or quickly making a push stick.
I have some pieces of a Russian Olive shrub that grew into a tree that has quite a nice grain.
I was able to square it off with my chainsaw and use the 10"bandsaw to slice it into 1" slices for future planing.

I agree that it's not the first tool I would buy, but now wouldn't be without it.
I might even stick a 2 speed a/c motor on it for more versatility.

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