Introduction and a question

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Introduction and a question


I have been reading the posts here for a while. I have owned a knife store for 3 + yrs. However I am shutting it down due to the
economy. While I have over 13 yrs of sales experience, I am a bit
old and set in my ways to really want to work for someone else.

I have been considering opening a mobile sharpening/cutlery rental business. I have a general idea how to go about it, and have been sharpening knives professionally for almost 10 yrs. There is no one in my area offering this service, so I feel it is aviable option. Unfortunately, I have only a general idea of what to expect as a full-time option. At this point I am competent sharpening knives, scissors (except professional hair shears), lawn mower blades, and drill bits. I would like to also sharpen hair clippers, paper knives, and possibly dental bits.

Does anyone in here do this type of business? Maybe someone that works in a commercial establishment uses this service. I need information such as liability insurance issues, prospecting ideas, etc. I currently use a paper wheel grinder, and hand tools. What type of machinery should I be looking for. (I have seen everything from $50 grinders to $5000 setups.) Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.


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Hello Pam. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

If there is a need for a mobile sharpening service in your area, you can reasonably assume to make some money above the costs to provide the service. {Overhead Costs}

If no such business already exists, you will need to know why. It's important to know why before investing in "Start Up Costs" for providing the service which may not be as needed as assumed and you invest in providing it.

Sharpening can be a viable business but the service area has to be large. Sharpening services are often done on a need basses for commerical and industrial businesses and or a monthly service to most small business customers.

You would first need a business plan. The local banks can often offer help in this area. So can the local s.c.o.r.e. business office. Their info can be obtained in the local human resources, commonly referred to as unemployment, offices.

If the economy is slow in your area, so will the sharpening business. Especially for small businesses using the tools you can currently sharpen and plan to sharpen in the furture.

As far as insurance, ask your local insurance companies. For sharpening all industrial tools, you will need to invest in professional machinery to obtain professional results and build satisfied customers.

Sharpening is a learned skill. Schooling is often required. Home courses are available. One that comes to mind is
There are several others whom advertise in magazines.

In general, sharpening is, in my opinion, a vocation. Most days the work is like eating soup with a fork. Which means lots of work for little money. Return on investment is low.

A vocational skill for those whom are already retired with a pension check coming in monthly to pay the bills. Sad news but mostly based upon my years of experience, in my opinion and after being in the trade commerically for 25+ years.

Trail and Errors, Practice and Patience makes perfect.

Regards and Good Luck. DIY Forum Host & Sharpening Moderator. TCB4U2B2B Enterprises. Accurate Power Equipment Company.
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