Router Tables


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Router Tables

I'm looking to either buy or build a router table for my workshop. Do any of you have experience with the lower end tables (e.g. Craftsman Deluxe/Professional Die Cast Aluminum router tables)? These tables appear to be rather inexpensive, but are you getting a crappy table? Building my own will undoubtedly cost more, but would I gain a lot of quality over an aluminum table, that would make it worth the price of doing so?

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I built my own for less than I imagine one would cost. I used 1/4 sheet of 3/4" birch plywood, glue, and screws. I clamp it onto my work table when I need it.
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The oxidation from aluminum tables comes off on your hands and the wood you are working with.

My router table top is made from a flat piece of kitchen counter top that I picked up for 15 bucks. I built a cabinet around the top. Add an insert plate for your router and you're set to go.

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Fred, those guys ripped you off!!

The cutout from a 22" X 33" sink works perfectly, and that is something the countertop guys will just throw away! (So, you got the top for your router table, they got a case of beer on Friday, and everybody lived happily ever after!! Not so bad. ;-))
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Hi Lefty,

Not exactly. I didn't buy a cut out for a sink.
I got an entire section about 40 inches in length.

The only mistake I made was putting a sliding shelf under the top.
I get a bit of 'dust' on bit case, etc.

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I had a cheap sears aluminum top router table and a sears router. Didn't like it. wood doesnt slide nice on it and it marks up the wood. Got rid of it and bought a Rockler router table. I love it. Nice smooth top and large surface with a great fence.

Rockler had a special with the table and a porter cable combo router set. Got rid of that crappy craftsman router also!

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