power band saw


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power band saw

I have a Black and Decker power band saw and the blade has come off the pulleys. I and another person today have spent over two hours trying to reinstall the blade on the pullies without any luck. I have the instruction manual and have followed it. I presume there must be a secret that I'm missing. Can someone tell me how to do this or what to look for as to why this won't seat on the pulleys. Thanks
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Not sure what the problem is. There are really only 2 adjustments -- tension on the blade and tracking of the blade on the free wheel. Are you sure both are correct?
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As lefty says you need to adjust the tracking.
To replace a blade you would release the tension on the upper wheel install the new blade and then retension the wheel.
Turn the wheels by hand to get a good idea if it will track reasonably straight and then if it looks good, turn on the power to the motor for only a brief moment to assure straight tracking.

If you didn't release the tension and just wound the blade on the wheels it is likely outa whack.

What model of B&D?

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