Norm Abram's Question


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Norm Abram's Question

As a big fan of Home Improvement shows, I was watching the New Yankee Workshop this past weekend.

This weeks shows was building a corner unit, and I noticed Norm using something I have never seen before. I was drilling a hole, when he was done he just pulled the drill bit off and POOF! There was a screwdriver bit.

Can you please tell me what that was? Is it a drill bit that Porter Cable makes to fit over a screw driver bit? Any idea where I can get one?
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About a dozen or so companies manufacture a version of the tool, and the drill bits and screw tips are now available in almost every style, type and coating. They're available in most mill supplies, woodworking stores, in catalogs and on-line.

The tool isn't new. They became popular during the developing stages of the assembly line, and they were invaluable during the mass production years of WW2; but they were actually developed in the 1800s, and most credit is given to a railroad passenger car company in Paterson, NJ called Watson Manufacturing. The company was well known for coming up with and marketing quick change gadgets for assembly lines. They themselves had their own assembly lines making their various products which included their own line of tools, pumps, autos, rail cars, resturant equipment and etc. They went out of business a few years back after manufacturing equipment that made fiber optic cable. Their original quick change bit/tip tool fitted over a round shaft slot head screwtip and was made for hand braces, but almost all present models are based on the hex shaped shaft screwtip.
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I got mine at Lowes. They have several sizes. You can usually find them in the tool corral at the drill bit area. Now you know that I spend wayyyyyyy to much tim at Lowes

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