Lawn Mower Blade


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Lawn Mower Blade

How easy is it to sharpen a mower blade?
I have a craftsman 20inch push mower that I am getting a bad cut with.

My wife has a Dremel with the sharpening attachment which looks easy enough. Is there something specific I should know before I do this?

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Put about a 45* angle on it. Always remember to sharpen on the top side so that the sharp edge is on the side of the blade that is closest to the grass. Good luck!!
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Hello Dan and Welcome to my Sharpening forum.

To sharpen mower blades, the non professional can use either a belt sander or a ginding wheel.

It's a simple process. Just follow the existing angle. It takes several passes to acquire the final results and not blue the blade from overheating.

Take off small amounts of metal with each pass. Do each side equally and sharpen some on each cutting edge. In other words, do not sharpen one side fully before doing the other side. Alternate sides throughout the entire sharpening process.

Continue until the blade is sharpened on both cutting edges and all nicks are removed. A can, pot or pan of cool water nearby to dip the blade into helps to cool the metal and water also provides a cleaning and lubricant.

When the sharpening process is completed, it is necessary to balance the blade. That process and the methods used vary based upon the tools available.

The entire process to balance the blade and the various methods are located within the archives of this forum topic & also in the hints, tips & tricks forum topics. Simply go back several days or months in either forum to locate that topic discussion pertaining to blade balancing.

Regards and Good Luck.
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