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Smile knife sharpening

Hi Just found this interesting forum; What sharpening tools work the best for sharpening knives? Thanks
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Hello docux. Welcome to our Do-It-Yourself Web Site and my Sharpening forum.

Straight blade kitchen knives and almost every other type of knife can be well sharpened on the belt sander using a fine grit belt.

Lots of practice, patients and a few well used kitchen knives to work on that won't be missed if the practice sessions do not go well first time will do fine.

There is a whole host of knife sharpening machines available. Each claims to do the job better, sharpen every type of knife made and have you thinking it's a easy task.

For the casual user, do it yourself person, I do not suggest spending a large sum of money for a high end professional machine. I prefer to suggest using a belt sander, wet wheel grinding stones.

Honing the blades edge will also be required. I used honing disks on a rotating wheel but almost any type of very fine honing paper or honing stones, belt will do fine.

Should you require additional assistance, kindly use the REPLY button. By doing so, the additional information you add will remain within this thread.

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I have been looking myself for a while as well. I have the wheels for my bench grinder already. I was just wondering if a belt driven sharpener would work better? Or does the Tormek work better than both?

I have been trying to find a system that I can sharpen my hunting knifes, and producs an edge that will last.

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I have a kit made by Spyderco that I like. I paid about $70 at a cutlery store, then saw it a couple months later in a Brigade Quartmaster catalog for $45.
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I bought a Smith's "Knife and Scissors Sharpener" about a year ago at Home Depot for less than $10. It's a hand held devise. I've used it mostly to sharpen my pocket knife and scissors. Works good enough that I'll buy another when it wears out.
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As an ole butcher, forget all those powered tools, they get the knife too hot, and get yourself a good Arkansas whet stone and go to the following site for the angles.
Have a nice day. Geo
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I like my kit because I don't have to worry about the angles, I just have to hold the knife vertically.

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