Using drill to saw metal


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Using drill to saw metal

Hi. I'm just wondering what type of attachment can I use to saw with my drill? I simply want to remove some rusted railing on my porch, which looks a little to much for a hack saw. Any suggestions?
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There really isn't anything that can safely or effectively cut metal that can be fastened to a drill.

Unless there is a physical reason why you can't, a hack saw with a couple of new good quality blades will make short work of your railing. Just make sure you have the correct blade for the type of material you are cutting.

A rental place would have a reciprocating saw which would be the correct tool for what you will be doing.
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If you go to a local industrial store or welding supplier you might be able to get a collet and a cut off wheel that is meant for a die grinder that would work, the only problem is that a die grinder spins at approx. 20,000 RPM and your drill spinns approx. 1200 to 2500 RPM.
I would agree with Gregg go rent a sawzall it will work much better.
I myself use a 4 1/2" grinder with a 6" dia. cut of wheel to cut my railings but I've never seen these for rent and they are extremely dangerouse when using it I wear full length welding shirts, safety glasses and a full face shield, these thing blow up from time to time, expecially when they get pinched and bind up when cutting railings so I recommend Greggs good advise.
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just get metal cut-off wheel for your circular saw.

its safer than a grinder, and everyone owns a skil saw.
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Assuming that you haven't killed yourself trying the grinder, ...

The metal cut-off wheel for the Skil saw, as suggested by millertime, will work fine. But, the shoe of the saw is going to keep your cut about 1-1/2" or so away from an obsticle like a post. A Sawzall Will allow you to make the cut flush with the obsticle.
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