compressor Imformation


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compressor Imformation

Just a little more imformation about compressors, there are dual stage and single stage air compressors, a single stage typically will have a maximum air pressure of 125 psi., while a dual stage has a maximum pressure of 175 psi, why do you want a dual stage compressor. a dual stage compressor will hold more air even though it has the same size tank, If you are using a impact wrench you will find it will spin off tighter bolts at the higher pressure, when sand blasting the higher pressure will be more affective. however most manufactureres do not recomend using there air tools at the higher pressure, due to the fact it makes them run at higher speeds however most home owners dont need anything more than a single stage compressor.
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as I understand it

Dual stage gives you the ability to read the tank pressure and to set an adjustable output pressure you can read on another guage. On single stage you set the output pressure and thats it...the unit will run within +/- 10PSI , the dual stage will have longer on/off cycles, less wear.
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The on off cycle of the compressor is determined by the size of the storage tank.

How a two stage works is that the air is first compressed in a large cylinder to about half the output pressure and then to a second cylinder about 1/3 the volume of the first to output pressure.
This is much more efficient and takes considerably less power than a single stage. Large industrial compressors use an intercooler between stages to increase efficiency even more.
What makes two stage more reliable is the fact that they run very cool and typically operate at a fairly low RPM. They usually max out at 800 RPM while my new single stage pump can spin at 1400 RPM.

Some industrial units are set to 175 psi but use a regulator at the air station to control pressure to 100 psi.
If you have to use much more than 100 psi it's likely the impact gun is to small for the job. ( Ya I cheap impact needs 125 psi to spin off the tough ones).

Here is some geeky info from a catalogue:

single stage pump @ 1200 rpm will produce 14 cfm at 100psi with a 5 hp motor.

two stage industrial @ 540 rpm will produce 13.8 cfm at 175 psi with a 3 hp motor.

The single stage pump I bought on sale for $159.00 CDN, the two stage is $850.00 CDN for just the pump.

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