Air compressor leaking?


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Question Air compressor leaking?

Hi all, I have kind of a newbie question here. I bought an air compressor (sears oilless) about 5-6 years ago. One year after that I was forced to move into an apartment no garage, so I lent the compressor to my father-in-law who has been using it since.
Recently I moved into a house with garage (thank heaven) and got the compressor back. Now here's the question...

My father-in-law had the hose line set a bit high. He had it at about 120psi. When I got it, most of my tools are max at 90psi, so I lowered it to 90. However, the thing seems like it's constantly leaking air now to keep the line at 90. I can actually feel the air coming out near the regulator.
The tank pumps up to about 130-140psi (it's automatic) and then the regulator seems to "leak" air to keep the line at 90psi. Is this normal? Is the regulator bad?
After I turn it off for awhile I'll go back and check the tank and it leaks down to about 40-60psi and holds... This just doesn't sound right to me.
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You may need to replace the pressure regulator but you could take it apart and check to see if it is dirty.

Also, try turning the adjusting knob all the way in and then all the way out then reset it to the pressure you want.
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Thanks man that worked like a champ. Took the regulatr apart and cleaned up the seal, oil'd it a bit and reassembled. Now there is no leakage at any psi.
Saved me a bunch man... Thanks!


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