what's a good, inexpensive plunge router?


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what's a good, inexpensive plunge router?

I'm looking to buy a plunge router for $100 or less. Does anyone recommend one brand over another? I'm leaning towards a craftsman because Sears stores will take it back without directing you to the company, like home depot would do, but ryobi's and skil's are cheaper. I'll be using it almost entirely for cutting mortises.
Sampson in Wisconsin
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Hello: sdp321

Since your question has to do with a tool and not a woodworking project, I moved it into this forum. The mods and members replying in this forum will be able to offer their opinions and advice on the routers best suited for the tasks intended.

Be reminded the advice and suggestions as to which brand to purchase is purely subjective and based soley on opinion. Best bet would be to read up on the consumers testing reports.
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I can't offer an opinion on which router is best but I will comment on where to purchase it.

You have noticed the same thing as I have in that Sears tools are more expensive than comparable items elsewhere.
I think it boils down to whether or not you want to pay for that warranty in your purchase price.
Some of their sale prices however make some items a real buy.

You have to watch their tactics though.
Sears mail order is big business in our rural area. They put a shop vac on sale and reduced it from their regular price of 299.00 CDN to 129.00 CDN. Great buy!
I ordered it and am really happy with it. A week later I was looking through a different catalogue and found the same vacuum at a regular selling price of 249.00 CDN.
I still got a good buy but couldn't get a decent answer from the salesman as to why they had two different regular prices for the same item.

I guess what I'm recommending is to never buy ANYTHING at Sears at regular price.
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For my first router, i actually went to ebay and bidz,com and ended up with one of those blue noname plunge routers. It was a pit bull brand 2 hp, and came with all the attachments plus a set of extra brushes and a 1/2 inch shank 1/2 inch straight bit, and got it shipped for $30.00. I figured it would be an excellent and cheap way to get the hang of the thing. I am still using the thing, and consider it an excellent purchase. I have used it for about everything. As to a name brand, i think the most important point would be to see which one fits you best. Make sure the handles, on/off switch,etc. all feel comfortable to you. I will say that the only craftsman power tool that ever lasted for me was my angle grinder and belt sander.
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The Porter Cable 690 is a combo.
It has a standard base AND a plunge base.
It's a mid-size router and a good reputation - I've got one.

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ONLY 1??

I've got 3 of them!!! You REALLY need to catch up, my friend!!
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Excuse me Lefty,

I've got three routers, but only one PC 690.

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