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sharpening worth the price; mower Q

Two questions:
I have a couple of cheap handsaws and short pruning saws that need sharpening. Is it cheaper to sharpen or replace them?
When you sharpen a gas mower blade, do you need to get all the nicks out?
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Hello Sid and Welcome to my Sharpening forum.

Sharpening costs are not expensive and very worth while. I do not say so simply because I am in the business as a vocation. Compare the costs and your likely to agree.

It is not essential to remove all the nicks from a mower blade. Preferable but not required for self usage.

As a sharpening professional it is required for visual appeal to the paying customer but not essential for grass cutting. Does make for sharper cleaner cutting but not essential.

Also depends on several factors. Depth of nick and location. If not too badly damaged, remove the nick or as much as possible. Do not over sharpen the cutting edge to remove a deep nick.

Also inspect the blade for cracks after cleaning it fully and before attempting any sharpening. Inspect sspecially near the center hole. Cutting surfaces are usually okay, depending on extent of damage and or what it is commonly referred to as a nick.

Use your best judgement.

The blade MUST be balanced after any sharpening. Failure to do so will cause an out of balance condition, vibrations and possible distruction of the blade and or moew decking. Dangerous!

This item can be professionally sharpened and balanced at any shoping shop for about 5-6 bucks. Should be done 2-3 times yearly or more so depending upon usage and conditions used in. Worth the cost.

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