old air compressor


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old air compressor

I was at a yard sale and i saw an OLD air compressor and asked how much and they gave it to me for free but the said the tank had a leak. When i got it home someone pointed out to me to check the oil. However the elbow that had the oil guage ob it was broken off allowing all the oil to have run out and it has obvosly been run with out oil. We fixed the elbow and put it back on and put some oil in it but when we took the side cover off and turned it by hand we noticed that the crankshaft and connecting rod had a lot of play. So after putting oil in it we ran it and it pumps air but not very fast. The brand on it is brunner or something like that. Is it worth trying to fix or should i just take it apart and see what i can learn before heaving it?? And is there any websites i could go to possibly find replacement parts for old air compressors. Thanks
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Brunner is a name I'm familiar with but for large compressors for ice rink refrigeration.
Did a search and could only come up with a company in England that makes industrial units.
I suspect that you have something that could be very old. Perhaps over 40 years old.
Also if the compressor has a removeable side cover, that too would indicate near antique status.
I think purchasing parts will be out of the question and if even available would probably be too costly.

Air compressors are somewhat more tolerant than automotive for looseness in the components and you may have only to try lapping the valves and valve plates if they are of a style that lends itself to this.
Also if the tank, motor and controls are good, you could also consider replacing just the pump.

Describe in a little more detail what you have. Numbers, motor info, tank size, etc.

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