carbide die


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carbide die

I need to know how to drill a hole bigger in a carbide bullet making die.
the hole is a .042 and i need it to be a .062
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Hello: Rhaney2

I am in the tool sharpening business. As a vocation but I do have it as a part time business. I can sharpen tools but do not have expertise in the topic of your question.

With that in mind, to help you obtain the answer to your question, I am copying it into the tools forum.

Check on your question in that forum. I am sure there will be an expert to answer your question.

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You might want to contact a local machine shop or look for a Tool grinder shop, ie; someone who re-sharpens carbide endmills for the machine shops. To cut carbide you need to use a diamond grinding wheel, now if they have anything that small is a different story.

I went to a tool supply web site, MSC. Here is a link to the page I found the tool on that you could use, it is on the right side of the page. They don't have the exact size if I recall, but one that is smaller that could be use to open the hole up. I must tell you that it will still be hard to do without the equipment to hold the die and the diamond tool.

Good luck
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If you are enlarging an existing hole and want reasonable acccuracy in the final opening you need to ream it out rather than drill it. A drill maintains its center with the tip. If you put a bit into a hole that is close to the bit's size it will wander.
With the proper tools this would be a snap but for one hole it may not be worth the cost.
A machine shop might be your best bet as comtnman suggested.

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