wood joining tools


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wood joining tools

I was wondering what would be the best way to join wood for making an entertainment center. Is bisciut joining the best, and if so, what do I need to look for in a joiner? Thanks.

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A buiscuit joiner looks to be a handy tool but there are a few more things I could use before I buy that tool.
Are you a relative newcomer to cabinet making?
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You posted a difficult question -- there are many joints in an entertainment center, and many options for each of these joints.

If it has doors, then router bit sets for raised panels are a good choice as well as mortise and tenon. Biscuit can also be used, but you may have to use small ones depending on the rail and style size.

For the face frame (if it has one), then you could use mortise and tenon, pocket holes or lap joints. Biscuit work too, especially for fastening the face frame to the carcase.

For the carcase, Biscuit work well for the corners, dovetails are stronger and add a design element, but dadoes seem to be the norm for any shelves, although Biscuit will work there too.

For me, Biscuit are great for joining the edges of wood -- to keep it aligned. I also use them for joining wood where the grain is aligned -- like 2 pieces of wood forming an "L" (shelf applications or the vertical corner of a cabinet).

Any cross grain wood applications are not good candidates for Biscuit -- there is no allowance for movement.

This is long winded, an it you want too, you can use Biscuit for most of the joints -- are they the "best" choice? depends on the joint. I use joints that stretch my skills so that I can learn, modified by what tools I have on hand, and the amount of time that I can spend on the project.

Good luck on your project.
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Yes Greg, I am a relative newcomer to cabinet making. I've always been pretty handy with tools and I'm trying to take my skills to the next level. The problem I'm running into is that I'm not sure I have all the correct tools for cabinet making. Also, I don't have a large work area (my half of the garage for storing the tools, the whole gargage for working). I am having to look at workarounds for some things such as how to cut biscuit grooves without a joiner and how to rout nice lines without a router table and guides, etc. I am developing a real love for woodworking, though, and can't wait to learn more. I have ordered what seems to be the definitive book on joining wood, so I'm sure that is a good start. Thanks for all of your input guys.


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