Tool for Tyco Toy - yes, a toy


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Tool for Tyco Toy - yes, a toy

My son received this Tyco RC remote controlled motorcycle dohickey for his birthday which requires a separate battery pack. This battery pack inserts through the bottom with no cover plate - instead, it has a little knobby thing on two sides - about the size of a small thumb screw. These little round things have to be turned to hold the battery in place (cam type thingies). The diameter of this knob is approximately a half inch and has a rectangular protrusion in the center - 1/2" length X 1/8" width and is seated in a recessed area. I have the most difficult time trying to turn the lock in place. The problem is I have semi long nails (not falsies) so I'm trying to turn this thing with my fingernails as opposed to my fingers. I'm looking for some kind of a tool that is small enough to get in the recessed area, plus strong enough to turn the knob. I realize I could cut my nails but I use them in everyday life - scratching backs, cleaning dried up gunk from the table, scratching my feline's neck - besides, they look very feminine. I would sure appreciate any ideas of tools that can be used (I've already tried needle nose pliers).
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If you could post a picture of the cover and its knob, we might be able to figure something out for you. If you don't have a place to post it just send it to me. [email protected]

Hope this helps.
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This sounds an awful lot like a job for a slotted screwdriver.

<img src="">
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Troublesome Toy

I don't have the capabilities of posting a picture. The slotted screwdriver would be absolutely perfect if it had a female end as opposed to a male end.
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What about some needle nose pliers?
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Flat Nose pliers.
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I have tried flat and needle nose pliers - I wouldn't be surprised if you missed it - it was the last line of my "dissertation." Thanks!
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Needle nose are not flat nose. You only said you tried needle nose. Flat nose are around the same length as needles, but are around 3/8 wide.
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Check yellow pages

check your yellow pages for a "good hobby store" that handles RC equipment. They should be able to help.
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