Tapered chuck on drill press


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Tapered chuck on drill press

My dad has on old drill press that we can't get the chuck to stay on. The spindle is tapered and fits into the chuck okay but what is the proper way to get it pressed on tight enough?
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Is this the chuck for this spindle?
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Sometimes the slightest piece of dirt will prevent a chuck from seating properly on the tapered spindle. It may need a good cleaning with a solvent. Tiny specs will cause a wobble, so make sure the chuck and spindle are clean.

Turn the chuck clockwise and open the jaws of the chuck all the way. You're going to tap the nose of the chuck onto the spindle with a hammer and a block of wood so you want to open those jaws to prevent damage.

If that method fails, try a small automobile type hydraulic jack and press the opened chuck onto the spindle - but go easy, real easy as this method exerts a lot of pressure and going overboard risks doing bearing damage.
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chfite: He bought it at a farm auction so who knows if it's the right one. It looks like someone tried to spot weld in in place at one time.

NutandBolt: We'll try the wood and hammer method. I thought that was how to do it but figured I'd check first.

Thanks guys.
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How old is this drill press? will the taper on the chuck go all the way up to the knock out hole in the drill press.if this is the kind you have.Or get a taper drill for it and see if it will stay in the drill press. Ed
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I may be able to help you find out if you have the right chuck or not. Can you locate the make and model number on the drill press, and also on the chuck? I have several catalogs that may help.

Also: Does the motor look like it's been changed from the original? If yes, what is the motor RPM - and what diameters (approx) are the pulleys?

If any of these stamped model number plates or engravings are hard to read, clean the area and do pencil rubs.
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I stopped by the other day and my dad was using it. Said he pressed it on and it seemed to be staying. He had ground off the weld spot I mentioned earlier. I'm not sure he had been pressing it on with enough force before. Thanks for all the advice guys.

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