Mower Blades.

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Mower Blades.

Mo mower has a 50 inch deck with 3 blades. My neighbor sharpens his and mine with a body shop sander.
What is the proper way to sharpen these blades. I have an electric grinding stone (6 inch) but have never been able to get a good edge.
Having this done by a specialist is to expensive for the life of the sharpening job you get.
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Hello: changeling

Best method for the casual user, meaning not the professional method but can be done in any shop, is to use a belt sander.

The cutting edge of the blade faces upwards into the downwards moving belt. Use an 80 grit belt to start the sharpening process. Remove a small amount of steel with each pass.

Do so equally on each end but not totally all at once on one end. A few passes on one end, turn the blade to the other end and do a few passes on it.

Continue this method until all the nicks are removed. Than a few more passes to acutally begin the sharpening. Repeat until the blade appears to be sharp. Than stop.

Now change belt grit to 100 grit and fine sharpen the edge to a nice sharp edge. Follow the existing angle on the blade.

When the sharpening process is completed, it is necessary to balance the blade. That process and the methods used vary based upon the tools available.

Best non professional method is to nail a nail into a shop wall beam. Put the center hole on the nail and allow the heavy end to drop down. Remove just enough metal from that end, not the cutting surface, of the blade so it balances level on the nail.

DIY Web Sites Mower Blade Sharpening Link:

The entire process to balance the blade and the various methods are located within the archives of this forum topic & also in the hints, tips & tricks forum topics. Simply go back several days or months in either forum to locate that topic discussion pertaining to blade balancing.

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