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Router table

I am in the middle of a workshop project, i.e., converting a garage into an organized workshop, and one of the things that I would like to do is purchase/build a router table.
Presently, when I get into a project requiring routing, I have a work bench that I drilled a bunch 1 ½” holes into that I can put clamps through to hold the wood stock, then I clamp a guide fence on top of the wood that I am doing the work on, and then measure the router base and transfer that measurement from the guide fence to where I want the router to “work”. (Very time consuming!) I don’t do a lot of routing, simple ¾” routes for shelves is about it. So my question would be, would I be better off with a full blown router table, or just a bench top router table, or to build my own? I found a couple of links to the two that I think I am interested in, but maybe I can get away with a cheaper alternative in building one? I would appreciate any advise from those experts that think there may be a cheaper way to approach routing for a novice, or is a table the best approach?

Here are the two links I found. I have a Bosch router.

Bosch RA1180 Benchtop Router Table

Bosch Deluxe Router Table RA1200


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Look at Woodhaven
They have everything from complete tables to just the tops, along with inserts, tilt mechanisms, height adjustments, and just about every router accessory you can think of.
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Great site! Thanks!

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