"tool shop" drill press

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"tool shop" drill press


anyone have any experience (good or bad) with the menard's "tool shop" brand drill presses? there is a store near me that is closing and they have them marked down 20%. i normally stick with the big names when buying power tools, but i'm thinking a drill press is a fairly basic item and their's not too much risk in getting a no name product.
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My Two Cents

Hello: richh354

Experiences will vary and most can be based upon usage. If the intended usage is for casual use, any brand name product will do.

If the usage is for daily use and or constant use or for commerical and or hobbiest applications, the brand name products often last longer and perform better.

Replacement parts availability in the future when needed is another concern. The casual user does not really need to be concerned with this potential problem.

The shop user whom depends on the tool should be concerned with parts and or service availability years ahead of time. Brand name products are better at providing that assurance.

And there you have it...."My Two Cents Worth."
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If you're just getting it so you'll have a drill press if you need it I suppose it'll do.

I had a tool shop chop saw that sounded like a banshee on a bullhorn when the brake kicked on. The thing actually came with replacement brushes if that tells you anything. The switch stopped cutting power when released so I'm not interested in using it anymore.
A drill press from tool shop, I might consider if it was a real good deal and it met my needs..

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