cutting with dremel tool


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cutting with dremel tool

Hey there,

I have a project and I'm not sure which tool to use. I'm building a bench that has some decorative shapes cut out of the ends of it. I have a dremel tool (the one with variable speeds up to 35, 000 rpm) but I think the wood might be too thick. It's 1 x 12 pine so it's about 3/4" thick.

The dremel tool came with two bits - one for cutting drywall and one for wood - but it doesn't say how thick of wood. Some of the shapes I need to cut out are small and have curves that are too tight for my jigsaw. Can someone tell me if this dremel tool will work on 3/4" pine? I also have a router, but due to the level of detail, it would be way easier with the dremel. Should I be looking for a special bit?


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dremel cutting bits

Hi there,

I have a dremel 350 rotary tool (the one with variable speed up to 35, 000 rpm) I was wondering what the limitation is on wood thickness when using this tool with the cutting bit. The manual says the particular bit I have is for cutting wood, but does not say how thick. I have some 3/4" pine that I need to cut some decorative shapes out of. Some of the curves are too tight for a jigsaw and it would be so much easier if this dremel tool would do the job. I don't want to try it if the bit's going to break though...

If anyone has advice, please post! I've posted this under woodworking as well...sorry for the repetition...


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Hello: Tara

Since your question is about which tool to use and not specifically about the wood building project, in order to provide you with an answer(s) I moved the topic into the Tools Topic. In doing so, members and the professional moderator can provide you with helpful advice.

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Both questions now have been merged into one thread to keep all information together for the benefit of easier reading...

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Here is Dremel's site where you will find the correct bit for your tool.

<img src="">
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My Two Cents

Hello: Tara

As a vocation I sharpen tools. I also use the Dremel power tool.

In my opinion, the tool is a handy machine to have available but it does have it's limitations. Cutting 3/4 inch pine wood may be and or is most likely too much for the machine to handle easily.

The motor has speed but lacks power. Bogging the motor down under heavy loads creates heat. Heat shortens the motors life expectancy dramatically, tires the hand & produces poor quality finished results.

Depending upon the size of the wood piece, a table top scroll saw might or should be a better machine choice for the intended task.

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Use the Dremel router base for control...cut about 1/8 inch deep at a time and you should be OK.


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