Jacobs chuck key -what size?


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Jacobs chuck key -what size?

I have a 16-1/2" drill press, Reliant, a knock off brand. I bought it many years ago, and have received excellent service from it.

When I moved, I lost the chuck key. I have tried a few different keys, trying to find one that fits. My searching for a current supplier of the drill press is fruitless. The spartan owner's maual has no useful information about the chuck key. It refers to the chuck key as the chuck key.

What measurements are needed to define a chuck key? How would I apply such measurements to determine that any given key would fit without actually trying the key in the chuck?

It is such a shame to not be able to use this drill press with no chuck key.
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Lightbulb just a fix

For just now till you can find the right key. On a job and no key get a drift pin that fits the hole tight on the chuck and take a screw driver that fits the groves pull on the screw driver against the drift pin on one side to tighten and the other side to take the drill out. it works all the time. ED
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Thanks for the tip, Ed.
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It's probably one of three or four types.
If you can remove the chuck you can take it to an industrial supplier like Graingers and match it up.

There's a chance the chuck is mounted with a tapered shaft.
To check, lock the drill shaft in the fully extended position.
You will see a slot in the shaft that you could drive a narrow tapered punch in to release the chuck.

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