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I was reading here and other posts about using belt sanders for sharpening and flattening the bottom (sole) of a plane.
I had used a little 2 " belt sander with out a platen before to sharpen turning tools and it worked well, for free hand sharpening, but you could not use a jig, because of the lack of a platen.
I just got done putting together a 6"X48" craftsman belt sander I got at a flea Market.
I have to say this thing is awesome for sharpening.
I'll need to make up some type of jig for keeping my chisels and plane blades at 90 degrees to the belt, or platen.
But I decided to lay the belt down and flatten the bottom of an old flea market chisel I had that was pretty rough on the bottom.
I'll tell you did it ever work WELL! You could really feel it staying nice and flat on the platen, (like you can feel it on a sharpening stone) so I was not afraid of rounding the back over, or getting it uneven.
I will do a final flattening and polish with scary sharp and a water stone.
I tried it on a plane sole too. I was a little afraid to try it on a plane sole, but I did and it lays there nice and flat too.

Quick question, There is not a quick release for the belt on this sander, so I would have to release the tension at the tracking adjustment cams, then reset the tracking each time. I heard some guys release the belt tension on there belt sander when they are done with them for the night.
Do you feel this is necessary on a belt sander?

Thanks, Tony D.
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Hello: Tony. Welcome to my Sharpening Shop topic.

There are several methods to sharpen a chisel. Any of which can work fine to insure the angle remains the same and the ends remain pointed, etc. Whic ever works for you and provides the best results, use it.

If you ever get pictures, post them here so the members can see your device that works so well for you. Sharing is helping others.

I do not remove the belts until they require it or I am changing belts to replace a worn one or changing to another grit belt. I do not have or know of any reason to remove them for an overnight time span.

I use my machines more frequently than the average person. I am in the business as a vocation business and have been for many years. Thus I buy the belts in bulk and the duration of time they last, as any result of not removing them, is not considered.

I only have one machine with a quick release device. The other two I simply work the belt off and work the replacement on.

Time is money, in the this business or industry, like any other business and or industry or trade skill. Whatever is quicker and does not effect the quality of the sharpening end results is what gets done.

Almost regardless of costs or damage to inexpensive items like belts. If they stretch, replace them and keep up the production.

Trail & Errors, Practice & Patience creates perfect results.

Regards and Good Luck. Sharp Advice.
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That belt sander may have a release you don't know about. I had one that worked like this. Tip it up on the nose wheel and push on it. the nose wheel snaps and locks back. Just pop it with scerw driver to release it.
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That belt sander may have a release you don't know about, ...............................
Nothing like that on this one.
What they have are two cams that push on these two rods that are attached to the top roller. These adjust the tension and the tracking. Then you lock them down.
It is a craftsman model # 113.22580.

If you ever get pictures, post them here so the members can see your device that works so well for you. Sharing is helping others.
What do I do to post pictures.
I assume you need a web site to upload the photos to.
Is there a free site anywhere to allow you to do this.
My current ISP(CompuServe) does give any free web space with the account.

As far as the tension on the belts, (sanding belts) I am going to just leave it tensioned so I don't have to readjust the tracking/tension each time.

When you sharpen sizzors on a belt sander do you do it free hand or with a jig?

Thanks, Tony D.

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