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can you please give me some advice on learning how to solder.
I have tried several times lately but so far have had no luck.
the soldering tool i have is small with a screw driver heating tip & a cheap soldering tool also.
do i need certain solder for certain materials & if so can you tell me how to get this information & what soldering tool to use.
i have tried to solder wire back together & also a peice of brass back onto a candle holder which is brass but no luck with it holding.having a hard time keeping the solder from running off in a little round ball.
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The keys to soldering are clean surfaces, snug fit, hot enough iron, fresh solder. Heat the surface to be soldered until the solder flows into the joint. Allow to cool.

If the solder rolls off the heated surface, it is because it is not clean or there is not enough flux left in the solder.

Soldering metal parts, such as pipe, requires solder applied separately as the solder for this application does not have the flux in the core of the solder as for soldering electronic parts and wires.

Metal parts such as copper pipe are usually cleaned with steel wool or such prior to the application of the flux.

Soldering guns less than 100 watts are meant for small circuitry. Soldering wires such as 14 or larger guage works better with larger soldering guns and irons. Soldering outdoor requires high wattage. Soldering pipe, generally referred to as sweating pipe, is usually done with a propane torch or similar high heat tools.

It seems that metals must have a high content of copper to be soldered. Brass seems to fall into the category of brazing for joining. Brazing is more akin to welding, as I recall.

Hope this helps.
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brass will have to be brazed with an oxy/act torch. Or with oxy/MAPP . Mapp gas is easily obtained at your local hardware store or Sears. I think Home Depot or Lowes sells a kit to do that.
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You can solder brass just fine with a standard soldering iron if the brass piece is small enough. Make sure it's clean & shiney. Use some flux too, that will help. If you are talking about a large or thick piece of brass you might have to resort to a propane torch. The trick is to heat the brass to a temperature sufficient to actually flow the solder. If the solder is beading up in small balls you aren't using sufficient heat.
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Lightbulb Solder

Think its all been covered here . I dont think you had the heat or the flux right when you tried before. like for Galv. you need muractic acid and for copper cut acid or paste Your iron is to small I like to use a 3 lb set all the time. ED

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