A quality cordless screwdriver?


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A quality cordless screwdriver?

I do a lot of computer construction work & I am looking for a cordless screwdriver with a clutch & also one that comes with magnetic tiped bits, also prefer a second battery that is able to be charged alone (apart from main unit). Can anyone here help me with a price & brand for my requirements? Thanks in advance
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Personally, I just switched from the Makita 9.6v to the Makita 12v.

The 9.6v would probably do everthing you want and they can be had for $120 US for the drill, 2 batteries and charger.

The 9.6 uses nickle cadmium batteries ( as do most cordless drills on the market ) and they batteries need replacing after a year or two depending on how much you use them due to the "memory" effect that type battery developes......

The 12v has a nickle metal hydride that doesn't do that, and since the batteries for the 9.6 are about $40 each, I switched this time rather than replace batteries again.

Downside is the 12v is a lot heavier and bulkier.....the 9.6 sure was more manuverable.....and I use them to install windows day after day.....driving 2-3" screws in vinyl and wood.

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