Maintence work on a circular saw


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Maintence work on a circular saw

besides WD-40, how do you guys care for your saws?
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For one thing, I don't use wd-40! lol

Cleaning with high pressure air is about all I do....and feed it a new blade every few months.
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Yes, just knock off the dust and get a new blade as needed.
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since i have done it a million times, i take my saw apart and clean every bit of it since saw dust collects inside. Maybe its just me but some of the saw dust doesnt just blow away with air. If I blew it out every single time i used it it probably wouldnt collect. No i dont use dw40 unless the cut depth adjuster was stuck.
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WD-40 shouldn't be used on anything that moves faster than the blade guard on your saw.
Although it is a lubricant it must not be used for motor bearings or bushings.
WD-40 will evaporate with the heat of a moving motor bearing and a sticky deposit will be left behind causing the bearing to wear out twice as fast or gum up and sieze completely.

The only lubricant to be used on sleeve bearings is non-detergent oil.
You can purchase oil specifically labelled for electric motors or pick up a quart at an auto supply house.
It must be labelled non-detergent.

I will use WD-40 for an emergency repair in my work, but I only expect the motor to run for a day or so untill I get a replacement.

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What I meant was besides using some WD-40 on the the bevel angle, depth adjustment, and gaurd. I was wondering how to keep it clean.

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