Cleaning blades


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Cleaning blades

I use a lot of yellow pine since it's about the cheapest thing to make into sawdust on my table saw. Can someone tell me if there is any household cleaner that I can use effectively to get the sap off of my blades or do I have to go buy some cleaner at the local HD?
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Tool catalogs usually have cleaning solutions for saw blades, etc. I've also seen spray-on coatings that supposedly reduce the buildup.

Paint thinner, a small brush, and some elbow grease will work, too.
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Hello: jburd641

Aside from the commerical cleaners I use, a household cleaner called simply green can be effective. Does require some time soaking in. The product can be effective to safely remove the sap.

Simple Green is commonly found in almost any grocery store as well as hardware stores. Dilute the product less than instructed or use it undiluted. Soak the blades several hours. Than clean using steel wool and a stiff brushes to clean. Rinse clean.

The product can be reused many times. Store the product in a sealed container or tub with a closeable lid. Strain the liquid through cheese cloth or a common thin cloth after several uses.

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I purchased an aerosol called "Bit, Blade and Cutter Cleaner" through Rockler a while back. I was actually reluctant to use it. However, wearing latex gloves (purchased anywhere in bulk), I test-fired the stuff on a table saw blade that was badly built-up with nearly everything. In minutes, I rinsed the blade off and it was like new.

Note: It, also, took the print off the side of the saw blade. If it ain't carbide or steel, it's gonna come off!

I use it on router bits, as well. Good stuff, but use some common sense. (As it foams up, you'll see the sap and pitch coming with it!)

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A nother good common everday cleaner to use is Lestoil bathroom cleaner, it's Pine oil based so it cleans most tar, sap, oil and just about anything else off tools and you with no ill side effects.

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