table saw purchase


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table saw purchase

I am going to purchase a table saw in the next week or so, so I am soliciting any opinions/experiences/preferences with any of the current brands out there. My basic wants/needs are:
10"--cabinet style--220 0r 110v supply---and above all quality. I'm not too concerned about the price-rather quality and longevity are more important factors.
Responses would be most appreciated.
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If you don't care about price and are looking for something that will be the last purchase in the Table Saw Dept, I highly recommend the Powermatic T-66.

I personally have two of them and have no complaints at all. It's a 220 full 3hp. 10"

You're looking at spending $2,099.00 Sometimes Jet/Powermatic have 10% off deals. Contact your local woodworking machinery distrib.

Or go to They might advertise it on there too.

Make sure you have a disconnect put right at the table saw.

It's also a cabinet saw, which I love. It has a 4" port for dust collection.
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Ps. Any 110 table saw isnt what the HP says it is. If it's a 3hp Sears Contractor saw "For example" It's only 3hp when you flip the switch, but once you start cutting it's only 1-1/2 hp

You will need a dust collection system too
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First thing is to figure out what is the biggest thing you want to do with a tool and then start shopping. Also aquaint yourself with some dedicated woodworking forums and do searches on particular brands and models. Many of the best ones may not have storefronts available near you so you may have to mail order. I have found these forums to be of great assistance. Two of the best are.

Woodworkers can be an odd lot but ask the questions and read the responses with an open mind and how they apply to you.
Good luck.

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I'm like you, when I buy a tool, I want it to last and to to the job. I want the best even if it's something I use only a couple times a year; who knows when my needs may change and it becomes something I use every day. So, before I buy something, I look at what the professionals use and talk to them. They're the ones who use the tool every day and whose livelyhood depends on it.

So I would listen to Furniture Bldr and also see if you can get a local cabinet shop or two to talk to you. You're bound to get more than one answer, but at least they can get you pointed in the right direction.

No one was ever sorry they bought the best (except when the wife found out how much money they spent ).


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