Recommended rolling tool chests


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Recommended rolling tool chests

Hello all. I'm looking to purchase a stackable rolling toolchest - top and bottom pieces i guess. I can't really afford the high end snap-on or similar priced ones. I've looked at craftsman (sears), kobalt (lowes) and husky (home depot). Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with these that might differentiate between brands? I've heard good things about the Kobalt, and have some smaller craftsman toolboxes that are fine.

Also, i was leaning toward getting the ones with ball-bearing drawers, even though it's a good bit more money (alot more). But it seems worth it over the long haul. any opinions on that?

by the way, if i'm missing any brands in the same price/quality category (appx $400 to $500), or should look at something else, please let me know.

As always, thanks in advance for the great advice. You guys are the best.
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my box

I have a vintage 1979 Craftsman box still works well it is not red anymore but a orange.Bearings in drawers are the way to go I wish I had them.I would get a long one so you can work on the top of it.
I have heard that if you get the PRO series they have a lifetime warranty I have not confimed that.
My box has seen some use and it shows also get one with big wheels.
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Lightbulb My Two Cents

Hello: jab110

Depending upon the usage, application and location are factors to consider when buying almost anything. Tools and tool chests are no acceptions.

If you intend to use them in commerical applications, as in a trade skill and or on the job daily useage, buying the best you can afford now is wise. Brand name products often present the best long term values.

Location of usage also needs to be considered. If you will be using them where others in the trade or industry work, brand name status also means something and may play apart.

Some places to find the best values on top of the line brand name products may be in your area, if you have the time to seek them out and shop the stores.

Try shopping the areas used tools and machinery resellers. Also the unclaimed freight and or slightly damaged freight resellers. Often times these dealers have brand name quality used tools and machinery in stock. Check the phone book yellow pages.

Buying slightly used oftens solves the tight money problem. As well as the status image. Used tools and tool chest, etc appears to imply you're not new to the trade or industry...

Shopping the used resellers you're likely to find brand name quality products for far less than retail prices. Obtain more items for far less bucks, solve the imagine appearence situation and obtain quality merchandise.
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I agree with the advice given so far. I have a large snap-on chest set, but I also have a smaller set made by Homak. I believe Lowes sells these. Mine has been around for a long time, and for what it is and what it costed, it has been a really good box. It still is in great condition, especially considering what it's been through. It has a hammered finish, but does not have bearing drawer slides. I don't know if the new ones are made as well or not. Craftsman is almost always a pretty safe bet too. From my research, Kobalt is made by snap-on. I don't think snap-on makes their own boxes though, so that may not apply to boxes with the Kobalt name.
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Check out the huge "General" tool chest from Harbor Frieght. I know a guy at work that has one so I got a chance to check it out. Very well made and at 495.00 a heck of a deal. If I saw that when I was looking for a tool cart I would have bought that instead of my Kennedy.

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