Router Bits


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Router Bits

Recently retired and looking for things to do I started remodeling my triple wide mobile home.
Cleaned out my Mechanic Garage and put in a new table saw, drill press and many tools for woodworking.

Folks on this forum have been a tremendous help as with time on my hands I wanted to do something constructive and worthwhile.

Have replaced press wood floors with plywood in three bedrooms, Kitchen, 2 bathrooms and computer room, great room and den.

Took out all the mobile home trim, Painted KILZ to seal all walls and ceilings while filling in the seams with texture. Popcorned all ceilings and textured all the walls using a sponge for a stucco effect. What a difference a few weeks makes. Home looks better than new.

Found my old craftsman router in my storage room and around 60 bits.

I would like to replace 5 countertops and remember seeing the man who built the original cabinets and countertops use a router to trim the top and cut the edging. I need information on what bits to use and I guess perhaps a recommendation to a publication that might explain all the bits and their purpose.

DIY is a new terminology to me but I am having a super time doing it myself!

Thanks to this forum I have completed many projects with information supplied from here and the results are professional looking and no one believes this old retarded gentleman did it !

Again thanks to all!

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The bits for counter trim work are called flush trim bits or just panel bits. Most of them have a bearing which runs along the surface and trims the laminate that has been applied.

I'm sure there are router books out there, but you can also learn alot about bits by ordering some free tool/accessory catalogs: Rockler, McFeely, Amana, Woodcraft, Highland Hardware, etc...
Hope this helps,

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Thanks Fred. That will help figure out what I already have.

I located a wood-working forum that lists the bits and also purpose along with a pic. Hooray for computers and DIY forums!

Time to learn some more!


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A good source for your bits would be MLCS. In addition to their own line, they carry Katana bits, as well, though my experience with the MLCS line has been excellent and precludes me from paying the higher prices for Katana bits.

Their prices are remarkably reasonable and the shipping is free as long as you go with conventional shipping.

(I ordered a few moulding bits on a Monday and had them Wednesday afternoon. Doesn't always happen that way but they're very fast, in my experience, and I would have felt like a horse's rump if I had paid $10.00 more for second-day express shipping. )


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Thanks Tom,

I will check them out! Appreciate the heads up!


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