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wondering what is the differnce betwwen a single speed jig saw and avarible speed how does each work and is there a diffenrence in the everyday use that makes one better then the other i putter around home but am not a pro just wondered if worth the money
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Hello: sfmaddoc

I may be able to answer your question.
However, I think it's a personal choice and you may have already answered it.

If your intended use is for general around the house work, the single speed should be fine.

I would suggest that should there be only a small cost difference between the machines your intending to buy and you can afford it, buy the variable speed.

Here's why, in my personal opinion.

Once you find out how many things can be done with it and begin to use it more often, you may be doing more complex tasks where the ability to vary the motor speed which will control the cutting speed, will come in handy.

Good Luck &
Happy Holidays

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