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alrighty i need some advice...i'm about to go out and buy a saw..i already have a circular saw and a jig saw and was thinking of buying a miter saw or a table saw. which one should i get? thanks, chet
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While I'm not a builder in the ordinary sense of the word (I refinish/repair furniture and moderate the furniture forum on this website) there's no contest here - The table saw is the center of my shop. Couldn't survive without it...

George T.
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Your choice of saws has to based on your own needs. We are making an assumption here, since you didn't mention the saws intended use.

Since it's not easy to lug around a table saw, <hahaha> a miter saw does a good job on the work site but is only a wise choice based soley on it's portability.

Conversely, for useage in a shop, nothing beats a table saw.

If your doing both shop and on site work, you should consider having both saws.

Buy the best carbide blades you can afford. Use them only until you first notice some dullness <cutting drag> then have the blade professionally sharpened.

Doing this you will save $$$ in the long run, while getting the maximum usage from the blade and the best cuttings.


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Chet: Ok, time for my 2 cents worth. Tom is right, it depends upon your use. But if you do decide to get a mitre saw, get the compound, sliding mitre saw. You will never regret it. Get at least a 10", 12" if you can. Get a top brand Dewalt, Mikeda, or Milwaukie. No off brands. They are spendy, but great. Again buy the best blade you can.
Good Luck. ps if you get the table saw, make sure you get a 10" or 12' tilt arbor saw with a full table.

Jack the Contractor
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going table saw hunting this weekend. It's not going anywhere

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