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I'm doing some research about chisels, and I wondered if anyone can help me by answering the following questions;

1) What make/model of chisels do you use?
2) What do you like about them?
3) What do you dislike about them?
4) What would you change about it? Have you changed anything about it?
5) If you could add any feature to a chisel, what would it be?
6) What is your favourite tool that you own? (make, model, etc)
7) Why do you like it?

Please take the time to answer these; it may help you in the long-term!
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I try to use the Stanley Taskmaster(?), could be Jobmaster, but I also have a few Master Mechanic (WalMart) and Craftsman chisels.

What I like about the Stanley and Craftsman are the steel butt caps. Over the years I've really beat my chisels. These caps have help them last longer.

I've disliked loaning them to someone else who doesn't care. They usually come back with a chip in them.

I store my chisels in a leather tool roll designed specifically for this purpose.

My favorite tool so far is possibly my new Stanley 25' Fat Max measuring tape. I like it because it will stand out about 10 feet. I can measure more things by myself and have someone else at the saw table. It saves me time, which amounts to $$$.

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