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Yesterday, two of my power tools quit on me. My circular saw gave up the ghost rapidly and started to smoke. My jigsaw just stopped working all of a sudden and only turns on for a short period then shuts off. Someone told me I need to replace the brushes on both tools. However, I'm not a heavy tool user, just an occasional user. The jigsaw is probably ten years old, but has had very little use (maybe a total of a couple of hours). The circular saw is newer, but also probably has a total of a couple of hours on it. Does this sound like brushes?
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No, it does not sound like brushes on your circular saw. If it only has a few hours like you say, it should still be under warranty. I had one burn out quickly once with less than 6 hours on it. They replaced it. Try this first.

One way that a circular saw will give up the ghost prematurely is when the sawyer fails to cut straight and binds the saw blade in the kerf. Most homeowner saws are not made to bull right through a board like a contractor grade tool.

Most likely your tool is rated at 10 amps. As long as you have a sharp blade it will cut, but when the teeth start dulling it takes a lot more work for 10 amps to push through.

Check you power cord on the jigsaw. You may be wrapping the cord in such a way to loosen the connections. This won't cost anything for you to check.

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