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Can anyone give me some advice to buying a home table saw. I am looking at a Dewalt 13 amp about 3600rpm and a Bosch 15 amp saw. Is there a source I can use to find out information???
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Table saws are like many other competitive products. My suggestion would be to buy the one with as many features as you can afford and will need now and in the future.

AMPS refers to the electric motor horsepower rating. Either one your looking at will do just fine.

In regards to the RPM rating, nothing to be concerned about. Nothing will turn faster.

Saw blades of any type cannot spin any faster then the 3600 RPM's anyway. If they did for any length of time, the blades would self distruct and cause injury to anyone nearby.

As a vocation, I sharpen tools. I have never seen or known of any saw blade that is rated over 3600 RPM's.

Make your table saw selection and start dulling blades. Somewhere in your town will be a saw and tool sharpening shop owner who will be happy to have another customer...hahaha

Good Luck,
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You might try they have a number of bulletin boards that may have the answers that you seek.

I own a Delta 10" Contractor's table saw and would not part with it for a small sum of money. It is good enough for a cabinet business and stout enough to have on the jobsite if I were to have a lasting need for such a tool on the job.

It weighs 250 lbs., so I don't haul it around
much. or or
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I'm hoping you are looking at 10' saws. I made the mistake of first getting a 7 & 1/4" incher that couldn't do anything more than cut panels & planks. Can't put a dado head on it because the shaft is too short. I then went with a RIGID 10" from Home Depot ...cost a good 500 bux, but it does everything I want and has room to do more as I learn more. If you spend time watching the New Yankee Workshop and drooling at what he gotta get a good sized tablesaw.
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I've got to agree with all the above. I also have a Delta 10", actually 2, but I like the QT-10 so much I seldom use my cabinet saw any more.

What ever saw you buy, spend a couple of hours getting familiar with it. Square up the blade and the fence. I've also found that the best 9 bucks I've spent was on a knee operated OFF switch. It allows you to keep both hand on your stock. Safety first

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