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Has anyone used the rotozip tool. Does it do all it advertised to do. Considering purchasing one to use to cut ceramic floor tile. With the rotozip zipmate can floor tile be cut? This is a small floor job and would rather spend money on a tool to keep than to rent wet saw. I already have a hand tile cutter. Not good for all cuts. And advice will help.
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I have owned a roto zip for 3 yrs, but have never cut tile. I have cut wood with it. In theory it works as advertised, but in practice, it behaves somewhat like a hand held wood router when routing wood without a gig, meaning freehand. The tool wants to follow the bit, so you end up trying to steady it as much as possible by hand, only to realize that the final cut is always a jagged line. I consider the tool to be most useful for rough work, and not finish work. I suspect you will have similar results with ceramic, meaning jagged edges. Keep in mind you have to buy the bit designed to cut ceramics. The bits can and do break and are pricey to replace. It's an odd tool for odd jobs. I agree with you, in that I would consider using it for tile because tile is difficult to cut contours on. That alone may be worth owning one. But do not think this tool will replace another power tool. I can think of no tool I own that has been replaced by the roto zip. It will come in really handy from time to time, the rest of the time, it will sit while you mostly grab for your jigsaw, hole saw, etc. I would suggest that you simply buy the ceramic bit, put it in a drill press on very high speed and you might get the same results without buying the rotozip. However, the rotozip is a very high rpm tool,,,and I'm not convinced that a drill press would be fast enought to imitate it.

Good luck.

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The roto zip is not a ceremic floor tile cutter. It is not designed for that. I am not sure why your hand cutter will not work, maybe a new rubber, or a new blade. Have never had any trouble with them. You might rent a wet saw. Alot cheaper then buying one.

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