Sharpening Mulcher Blades

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Sharpening Lawnmower Blades

I understand that when sharpening a regular lawnmower blade, the only part that really needs to be sharpened is the 3 to 4 inches near each tip of the blade. Does this also apply to mulching mower blades with all of their weird curves?


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Hi: Jim

Mulching blades are designed to make several cuts. The end of the blade cuts like a regular blade and flips the cuttings upwards into the deck.

As the cuttings fly around and fall, the other edges are cutting the clippings again. So the idea is to turn the clippings into small pieces by multiple cuttings within the deck.

Smaller clippings deteriorate faster and do not or are not suppose to be seen as they brown up. Not suppose to but sometimes they do.

What we are not told, is fast growing grass needs to be mowed more often when using a mulcher mower. Thus smaller amounts of cuttings for the blades to multiple cut and create mulch.

So to answer your question, yes, all edges must be sharpened and the blade re balanced after each sharpening.

DIY Web Sites Mower Blade Sharpening Link:

If the curves present a problem, which they will, use a belt sander. Use the unsupported part of the belt above the back stop and just below the top pulley wheel. In the manner the belt can follow the curves in most sections....

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when mowing with a mulcher blade, make sure you remember the one-third rule and if the grass is high and thick raise your lawnmower up so you are not cutting no more than one-third of the grass and plus it can help to keep your balde sharper longer. good luck and hope this helps.

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