"Tools I have to buy" list


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"Tools I have to buy" list

Good day everyone!

I was wondering if I might ask you guys a fairly open ended, abstract question. I am buying a house, and it is my first.

I am somewhat skilled when it comes to DIY type of stuff, but certainly am very GREEN on all home repairs and maintenance issues.

This house has been updated to a point, but it is a 106 year old house in need of some work. The exterior is completely finished, however. Mainly, minor to moderate work is required on the following systems:

Electrical (only as far as running additional outlets and upgrading severl outles to CFGI).

Plumbing (some pipes must be rerouted and several new ones need to come in for a new bathroom)

I plan on running CAT-5 network cable throughout the house

Banister needs to be built

Lots of brickwork needed (steps, patio, etc)

Carpet must be installed (I will have that done by a pro, though)

Several walls need to be built.

What I'm wondering is this: What do you guys think I should have on my "Tools I will need" list?

I own virtually no tools now as I have always lived in apartments and townhouses I rented. Any repairs were not taken care of by me. I have some hammers and screwdrivers, but that's about it. I'm just sort of looking for what you all might suggest I buy for tools that I'll have for a very long time. What would YOUR list look like, I guess?

Thanks in advance!

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One of the first tools that I would recommend is the Reader's Digest book on Home repair and Improvement. I has a lot of good information and step by step instructions on how to do almost anything.
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I can help you out with what you'll need for basic electrical work in an old house as I'm about halfway through a total rewire of a 90 year old house right now. If your only running additional outlets then I would assume that the system was already uprgraded from what was probably originally knob and tube. My project started out something like that as well but quickly got much larger in scope as I uncovered things. I'll give you the complete list of stuff I bought for my project as I pretty much started out with a meager set of tools as I rented as well prior to my house purchase. Depending on what you have to do you may or may not need everything listed.

Power tools:

Drill, pretty much indespensible, get something with a little power, as you'll be using this for a lot of projects.

Rotozip or dremel tool with rotozip blades. Hands down the best tools for cutting small accurate holes through plaster and lathing.
For adding outlets and switches into walls.

Reciprocating saw. Used for cutting holes in baseboards to add outlets and various cutting tasks.

Hand tools:

Set of screwdrivers and/or screwdriver with multiple bits
Diagonal wire cutters (Dikes)
Cable ripper
Wire strippers (usually come in multitool form with cutters etc)
Linesman pliers
Needlenose pliers
Fish tape (I like the fiberglass variety)
Fish Stix (long fiberglass rod for pushing and pulling wires through walls, hands down the most useful thing I bought)
Chisels (Very useful for getting things to fit where you want to and a power tool won't do the job). Also good for pulling up baseboards if you have to.
Rubber mallet (sometimes boxes need a bit of coaxing)

I'd also recommend getting a digital multimeter.


15 amp circuits: 14/2 romex 14/3 for 3 way switches and more complicated circuits
20 amp circuits use 12/2 and 12/3 romex
Plastic wire staples
Various sizes of wire nuts (color varies according to mfg.)
Plastic outlet boxes. May need metal if BX cable is used.
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Great, that helps a lot. Thanks! I already have some of that, but I'll look into the other items.


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