compressor /air tools question


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compressor /air tools question

I'm a newbie to the air nailer market. I got a taste of them when my construction worker friend came over with his professional compressor and nailer and reshingled my porch. WOW!

Here is my question guys. I realize that the compressor rating of 6CFM is a standard, but it seems like if you want to go into a framing nailer or roofing nailer, the CFM requirements go up. Now, some of the mfg's, only list a PSI rating for it, instead of a CFM rating. The one's I did find a CFM rating on, rated it at 10CFM. That blow my "intro" air compressor out of the water. Or does it? Shouldn't the nailer still work okay, I just may have to wait a little longer between nailing? As long as the psi rating is okay, it should stil work. Right?

The reason why I ask is because the cost difference between a compressor of 5.7 CHM and a compressor that can do 10CFM is enormous. It essentially takes me out of the market. I can't afford a $5-600 compressor.

In addition, I don't plan on using the compressor primarily for a framing nailer or roofing nailer, but I would like to know if I could run one off of it if I wanted to.

Here is a second question for you. Anybody ever purchase a "Central Pneumatic" brand compressor or tool from Harbor Frieght? They have a compressor on sale right now (oil-type) 3HP, 8 gallon with a rating of 5.7CHM for only $109.
It's a great deal, but will I regret it? What about their tools. Their air tools are half price compared to the other brands. I know the saying "if it's too good to be true...", but I would like to hear it from somebody who has purchased the equipment before.

I've seen posts about Harbor Freight saying they are slow, backordered all the time, but I've found nothing from anybody saying that their tools plan stink -- don't buy them.
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I'm a somewhat "serious homeowner" type and if I were to do it again, I'd get one of those portable $150-200 pancake type of compressors. Can probably find it cheaper online. It should be more than enough capacity to suit the occasional need to do nailing.

I have a big 25gallon, 5hp Sears unit on wheels. The only complaint I have with it is it's not terribly portable. I either have to have it sit near an outlet and/or I'm dragging a couple hundred feet of hose around the property, and it's a inconvenience to wheel/haul around

I'm on the verge of getting myself a small one soon for the light-jobs...

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