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air compressor


After a lot of looking I found just what I was looking for at a yard sale... I think. A moderatly used cast Iron, two cylnder, 220 volt, 3 horse, 30 gallon air compressor.

I ran it for about 1 minute and then remberd to check the oil. lots of oil. in fact it pored out the fill nut when I oppened it. oil looked kind of frothy. just giving the facts before I ask my quiestion.

So I bought a paint gun and painted a lattice for my wife. Shot two quarts of paint through it and I was really impressed. The compressor ran fast enough to cycle on and of while I was using it. very cool, untill I touched the cast Iron jugs... very hot! hot enough to make the whole tank hot.

is this normal.

If any one can give me some feed back on this and my daughter can talk me in to letting her bring home a pregnant cat we will name a kitten after you.

thanks russ
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I'm not sure whether I should dispense advice on the air compressor or the cat situation.
Sounds to me the cat issue could be more serious.

Well, I'll tackle the compressor and leave the cat facts to your daughter.

Yes, the head should be hot. Heat is a normal condition when air is compressed.
It is possible for the valves or rings to be worn causing excess heat but I would say that if it was maintaining pressure while painting it is likely ok.

A useless tid-bit of information is that the hotter the tank gets the more moisture will condense in the tank and hose.
There gets to be a point where no matter how much you drain the tank you will still get moisture in the line.
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Wow!! thats a lotta compressor for a paint gun!!!!!
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Oh ya, I forgot to suggest you change the compressor oil.

You can use oil specifically for compressors or 20w non-detergent motor oil. Non-detergent is the same as compressor oil for a lot less money.
You might want to change it a couple of times 'till it comes out clean.

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