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Air Chisel

Hi all,
I am in the stone masonry buisness. As some of you may know, stacking rock requires a decent amount of chiseling. As i was chipping away this afternoon, i look at my partner, and tell him, "well, you know what we need, is an air chisel!" So I am researching it, and trying to find out if it is the proper tool for the aplication, and also what's a good buy, and what is not.

Looking for something pretty industrial strength, or commercial grade. For all types of stone. I've looked on Ebay, and they seem pretty reasonable. If i were to buy a package deal with 4 chisel bits, whould those chisels that ussually come in those packages hold up for chiping stone? If not, i can go with just a single piece set, with the air hammer, and find a supplier for the bits i need.

NEXT...and most important....If i were to get an air chisel, i would need an air compressor. It seems a good average for CFM on this type of tool is 4 CFM. On that note, what kind of specs do i look for in a compressor? I am not familiar on the sizes of tanks needed, or the CFM. Basically looking for somehting that is suitable for the job, and also would be able to run a Framing gun.

Anyway, thanks in advance. (chip chip)
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If you look at different air compressors you would be best to pick the one that produces the highest CFM while being able to be used on a normal 15 amp 120 volt circuit.
This would likely be around 5 or 6 CFM.
This size would be enough to run most air nailers as well.

I wouldn't be too concerned about the size of the air tank as the tank only determines how often the compressor cycles and does not affect the unit's capacity.

I personally use an air chisel quite a bit on metal but can't say how it would work on brick. It has quite a forcefull effect but most chisels have an adjustment for the airflow.

You might want to buy an inexpensive one to see how well it works for you.

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