Circular Saw Recommendation for a Lefty


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Circular Saw Recommendation for a Lefty

I was browsing in Home Depot yesterday and saw a display of a new model of Porter-Cable circular saw that has the blade on the left. The thought of no longer having sawdust thrown in my face is so exciting I can hardly stand it! However, I did a web search and found that Milwauke also has a blade-left saw. The prices are close and I'm not sure which one to get (it wouldn't get heavy usage--just home repair and light building). My current saw is so old it doesn't have anything fancy; what features are recommended/important these days, and which brand would you all recommend? Thanks.
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I believe most makers offer a lefthanded saw.
I think the two saws you mentioned would be quite similar in quality and features.
What I would look for is lightness and balance.

I am in the market for a saw but am unable to find a quality saw as light as my 30 yr old Craftsman.
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Weight is an issue

I'm concerned about weight as well. The P-C saw feels much heavier than my current B&D, and I haven't been able to find the Milwaukee or another lefty saw to check out other than on the Web. I'll keep looking; good luck to you too.
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pretty much all cordless circular saws have the blade on the left. I have also heard they are considered finishing saws for right handers (so they can see the cut better).
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Cordless saw too small for now...

It's true that the cordless saws are left-bladed, but the blade is only 5 1/4, smaller than I want. I may someday get one of the cordless for trim and such, but want a full-size replacement saw for my B&D right now. Thanks for the tip, though.
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Being in the construction field for ten years ive never seen a left handed saw. The only saw ive ever seen are worm drive saws that have the backwards set up like you are talking about. Being a lefty all my life ive found it easier to learn to saw righthanded than lugging around a wormdrive saw all day.
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Wink Right-hander's rule!

Yes, for most things in life I've accomodated to the right-handed way of doing things. And I've used my B&D saw for about 8 years, but am so strongly left eyed that between that and the flying sawdust, I don't cut too evenly. I thought it would be worth giving a different saw a try since I have my own house now and will be doing more projects.

I also need a reciprocating saw, so perhaps what I should do is get a combo kit that contains both recip saw and small left-blade curcluar saw and see if I really like the circ. saw. If so, then I can sink money into a standard sized left-blade circ. saw.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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