Laser Level.....which one ???


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Robert & JoDee
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Laser Level.....which one ???

we saw the post on the laser level about the gentleman wanting to do tile in a bathroom.

this is a question about the laser level one would use on a wall to assure her pictures are level, or to hang pictures in a diagonal such as up a stairwell.

i have seen several adds and commercials for such levels but not examined one in person. most say they do not leave marks on the wall. is this true? i have wallpaper i do not want to smack too many unwanted holes into.

can anyone tell us the best to use for this? i believe we would use this a lot as i am an artist and have many supplies to also put on a wall in the studio so a little extra expense would be better then being unsatisfied with an inferior product i would then need to upgrade to later.

thank you

jo dee and robert
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When you're shopping for laser levels, pay attention to the accuracy numbers they claim. I've been looking at them for a while now but - unless you're willing to spend a few hundred dollars - haven't been impressed with the accuracies (+ 1/4" at 30') I've seen.
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Robert & JoDee
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laser level

Thanks for the info Dave......we have noticed the same as you. any paticular level you have seen in your
journeys to date that do tickle your fancy? we're trying to buy only one.....dont want to end up with a special drawer in the kitchen for all the laser levels lol.......

robert and jodee

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