Which air compressor should I buy?


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Which air compressor should I buy?

Hi every one,

Im looking to buy a compressor & Ive read the forumns & done my research. Now I need some help choosing. Unfortuntely the oil driven ones are out of my price range even though I know they're better.
I'm looking at the following 2:
Sears Craftsman 6HP 150psi 33 gal horizontal tank, 7.8/5.5 @ 40/90 oiless $449 (on sale)
Coscto Pro AirII 6HP 135 psi 26 gal vertical tank, ?/5.3 @ 40/90 oilless $399

Is there a real difference between the power of these 2 or will I not even notice? is the Craftsmann worth the extra $50.

Craftsman vs. Pro AirII
150psi vs. 135psi
5.5 cfm vs. 5.3 cfm
33 gal tank vs. 26 gal tank

Last questiomn = Id prefer to have a vertical tank & craftsman has one that is identical in power & rating to the one listed above except its a 30gal tank, will there be a difference 30 gal tank vs 33 gal tank?

Thank you for your help
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I honestly in good conscience would not recommend any oilless compressor except for use under certain circumstances.
If you will be using this unit on rare occasions to blow off your workbench, fill a tire or use it on a low demand tool like a brad nailer then either unit will work as there is little difference.
You may want to purchase it where you feel you will get the best warranty service.

These units do not do well under continuous running, like running an air sander for an afternoon, which you would do if you were going to tackle a small auto body project.
Read the fine print in the manual carefully if you do decide to purchase one of these because you would have read in the "Air Compressor Information" message, that some of these units have a duty cycle attached to them.
Believe me, you do not want a compressor that has a duty cycle attached to it.
Although nothing would surprise me, I have never seen a duty cycle attached to an oil filled compressor.

Here is an example of an inexpensive oil type comressor in your price range.

<img src="http://www.northerntool.com/images/product/images/191041_med.gif">
Image credit; northerntool.com
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Thanks foir the info, Your right about the oil vs. oiless. What about the power ratings I described is there really big diffference or not really?
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No, the difference in the capacity ratings is insignificant both in the cfm and tank size.

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